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2016 KRK Summer Games



This summer, Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy lights the torch on a day camp concept that is undeniably gold medal-worthy! 

The ALL NEW Kids 'R' Kids Summer Games prove the ideal destination for 5 to 12 year old boys and girls.

By providing a global view of Rio 2016™ Olympic Games, campers will experience an interactive peek inside participating countries' cultures, customs, cuisine and more.

Add to that our own unique twist on the games themselves, and campers will experience 10 fabulous weeks designed to instill confidence, encourage teamwork and foster FUN!

After 30 years of providing unforgettable summer camp experiences for children, Kids 'R' Kids has found that whenever you combine physical activity, interactive learning and good old-fashioned fun – everybody WINS!

Opa! We kick off our camp with a virtual visit to where it all began… Ancient Greece. Throughout the week, we'll explore Greek food, fashion, folklore and fun with a unique opportunity for campers to organize their own games and compete for the honor of being crowned champion. 

As a four-time host and regular participant in the Summer Olympic Games, it's only fitting that we shift our focus to the good ole USA! In addition to taking part in the fun activities and getting in touch with their “American Pride,” campers will become club reporters – covering stories of athletes of previous games and those who aspire to bring home the Gold. 

With Rio as host to this year's Summer Olympic Games, we give campers the unique opportunity to experience the rush of the Opening Ceremonies as the world comes together – in true friendship and peace – to play the games. Throughout the week, campers will be introduced to Brazil's distinctive culture with dancing, fun games, and delectable South American flavors.

The week, campers jump a continent to Beijing, China – host of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Here they will find a city filled with delightful architecture, majestic culture, and a rich history of athletes fulfilling dreams of competing on the world stage. 

The campers will indulge in a breakfast with some British flare, design an Olympic garden, and experience some of Great Britain's top medaling sports. Through the week, the campers get to become chefs, architects, and athletes – all in one! Grab a front row seat for some of Great Britain's rich culture.

Home to the '92 Barcelona Olympic Games, we head next to Spain to meet Cobi – Barcelona's Olympic mascot, relish in regional food, design Olympic jewelry, create a coat of arms and explore the history of The Running of the Bulls.

As host of the 1960 Summer Olympic Games, we travel to Italy to explore some of the most beautiful palaces on the planet. Throughout the week, campers will construct their own Italian palace, create traditional Italian dishes, design an obstacle course, and visit the one and only FIAT headquarters! 


Mexico has such a rich and inviting culture that you can't help but be inspired!  That's why the name of the game this week is to create, create, create!  Campers will illustrate a Mexican stamp, create their own Mexican inspired taco, orchestrate a rodeo and so much more!  

Home to world-class triathletes and marathon runners, campers will be given a chance to break a few Olympic records of their own. They will also have an opportunity to dig deeper into top medaling sports throughout South Africa, while exploring this country's rich culture.

This jam-packed week serves as the finale of an exciting world tour showcasing the host cities and contributing countries of the Olympic Games.  As campers work together in the spirit of friendship, they will sponsor venues with flags, mascots, slogans, and colorful team symbols; and will end the summer by organizing their own games created from their imaginary trips around the globe.

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